Our People

The community is made up Norfolk Leaders - MDs and CEOs of businesses and charities. It is led by our Founder Nigel Cushion.

The leaders are from a very diverse mix of sectors, ages, and backgrounds.

"Norfolk is about relationships. When you come out of your normal environment, into a neutral space, it’s possible to build deeper relationships. Where there is friendship, and trust, you are more able to share, more able to learn. And where there are no power dynamics, there is a richness which adds so much value. Nelsonspirit enables all this to happen”. Tim Sweeting, CEO, YMCA Norfolk.

Inspired by the spirit of Horatio Nelson, we support, encourage and develop the leaders of today and the leaders of tomorrow.
“I have only one eye, I have a right to be blind sometimes ... I really do not see the signal!”
Latest News
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08 Jan 2019
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01 Jan 2019
Action Stations - A field manual on stress for high peroformers and leaders, by Nigel Cushion, is now availabe FOR...