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Future Leader Anna

09 Nov 2016

Anna has recently returned from Malawi having spent eight weeks volunteering with Medic Malawi.
Medic Malawi is a small charity that funds a hospital in Mtunthana, rural Malawi, together with a clinic for feeding the malnourished and an orphanage for 70 children

'The hospital has 120 beds – I am told this is big for Malawi, but it seemed like a very small, close-knit organisation – it only had 1 fully trained doctor, supported by four clinical officers and a medical assistant. The majority of staff live in houses on the hospital campus, I lived with a host family from the hospital – the lovely Mr and Mrs Kachama – a clinical officer and a pharmacist assistant. As well as volunteering in the orphanage I got some experience at the Under 5 Malnourishment Assessment Clinic and the ART (HIV) clinic at St Andrews Hospital. I raised funds for Medic Malawi before I came out to the country, and also took a suitcase load of toys, nappies and clothes for the orphanage'.

We are delighted to have supported Anna in her volunteering.
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