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Future Leader Ben

11 Jan 2017

Future Leader Ben has recent returned from his adventure volunteering in India.
'For 3 months, I lived and worked in a non-English speaking province of rural Rajasthan in a team of mixed Indian and UK volunteers. My team worked on 'Civic Participation' issues. Together, we worked on bridging boundaries between marginalised villagers and their government. This was incredibly complex, as the society we drew our focus on was highly divided. During this time, I researched, surveyed, petitioned, wrote detailed reports, alongside designing and running workshops to help drive positive change in a vulnerable community.

As a leader, my time in India has given me far more insight into 'bigger picture thinking,' a greater appreciation for the differences between stakeholders, and the fundamental importance of clear communication in task management. Out here, we organised and executed projects through all kinds of barriers - most of all language. However, there are so many other things that I cannot begin to describe in so few words. Without question, it has been a highly inspiration few months for me both proffesionally and personally full of new perspectives. I would like to thank Nelsonspirit for their support in helping making this possible for me, and I am sure it will stand me in good stead for the future.'

Well done Ben!! We are delighted that you had such a thought provoking time in India!!
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