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Future Leader Charlotte

03 Oct 2016

We are delighted to be supporting future leader Charlotte with her exciting plans for summer 2017.
Charlotte is volunteering with the Jubilee Sailing Trust and will soon participate in a challenging voyage setting off from Auckland, to Auckland, in New Zealand. This will happen on board Tenacious. Tenacious is a square-rigger ship, uniquely designed to accommodate both able-bodied and physically disabled people. Tenacious is owned by the Jubilee Sailing Trust, the world leader in promoting integration between people of all physical abilities through tall ship sailing.

‘I will be sailing with disabled ex-servicemen to provide an exciting and new experience, whilst helping me to become a better leader’.

To be able to facilitate for disabled servicemen, the charity needs volunteers to help disabled people achieve their dreams of sailing. Everyone works together to keep the ship running – this involves swabbing the decks and cooking, as well as setting the sails and helming.

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