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Future Leader Jake Neal

01 Aug 2016

The future leaders fund has really taken off and we are excited to announce that Jake Neal is our most recent future leader to receive funding for his project in Nepal.

"After returning from my pre-departure training in London I now have an understanding that we as individual volunteers are merely a spec in the long lasting fight against poverty. As an international citizen we play our part in bringing to light worldwide problems regarding necessary and basic human rights. Being part of Raleigh is being part of 30 years of experience in benefitting those less fortunate and coming to terms with the problems they face, and working solutions around these problems with a proactive approach.
I will be volunteering in Nepal with the Raleigh team, and an equal number of in-country volunteers to support local communities, working with the communities to build strong long lasting relationships so that Raleigh can continue to benefit poorer communities in the years to come."
We wish him the best of luck!

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