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Future Leader Sarah

20 Jan 2017

Future Leader Sarah has recently returned from Tanzania where she volunteered with Raleigh International. Sarah had this to say about her experience:
‘I went to Tanzania on a water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) project with Raleigh International, funded through the governments International Citizenship Service scheme. I lived and worked in a village called Iyembela, in the Njombe region of Southern Tanzania.

The aim was to improve sanitation and hygiene in rural communities, where a lack of education surrounding basic issues - like hand washing - causes unnecessary illness and deaths regularly.

Our project focused both on improving infrastructure and providing knowledge in an attempt to better quality of life, as well as opening the minds of young people there to new opportunities

While I was in Tanzania, I had several opportunities to improve my leadership skills, which has also helped me gain more self confidence. Each volunteer had the opportunity to be the weekly leader, an opportunity I really enjoyed. It gave me the chance to plan and organise our activities for the week, hold debriefs and overcome any difficulties the team had.

Volunteering in Tanzania with Raleigh International and ICS was one of the best experiences of my life, and not one I’ll be forgetting any time soon. Thank you Nelsonspirit for supporting me, I feel like the skills I learned and the opportunities I had will greatly help me in the future and in my life.’

Congratulations Sarah!! It was our pleasure to support your volunteering in Tanzania.
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