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'Home First' Graduate Programme is now open for applications!

11 Aug 2015

We’re looking for high potential young people from Norfolk to come back to work with the highest-quality companies in Norfolk on a unique graduate programme.

The programme offers:
    Real work in one of Norfolk’s leading businesses or charities.
    Personal mentoring from the leader of the organisation.
    Access to today’s leaders for references and contacts.
    Graduate salary.
    Membership of a cohort of Norfolk’s future leaders.
    A great opportunity to make a real impact and add value.

The role might be in the nelsonspirit office, here in Norwich, or with any one of the 50 successful nelsonspirit Norfolk leaders.

We match successful business leaders to graduates through our "pool" of pre selected high potential graduates.
Applications are open until 1st September to enter into the pool of graduates for consideration for a place on the programme. Please complete the application form which can be downloaded on the 'Home First' Graduate Programme page.

Please email your completed application form to James on

For further information here is our recent EDP news article about the programme:
Norfolk's young people to be targeted in "home first" programme


'Home First'
'Home First'
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