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Marking the Achievements of Nelsonspirit on Trafalgar Day

21 Oct 2019

For 10 years, we have been drawing inspiration from the spirit of Horatio Nelson to support and encourage the leaders of today and the leaders of tomorrow.

Trafalgar Day marks an annual opportunity to reflect on the work we have done and the achievements of Nelsonspirit and the leaders we have supported.
The Nelsonspirit Crew of Norfolk MDs and CEOs has grown to its largest size, currently with 50 members. Since 2009, there have been a total of over 100 members in the Crew from business, charities and public service. The Crew continues to grow and serve as a place for leaders to be supported on their unique journey, whilst improving the performance of their business, and adding value to the community.

In addition, we have had two Future Leaders Crews, made up of young people who have recieved leadership development and mentoring from the leaders of today. The third Future Leaders Crew will be launching in September 2020.

15 young people have undertaken Nelsonspirit Internships, providing them with work experience ranging from one week to one and a half years!

The Future Leaders Fund, which provides modest grants to Norfolk based young people going on community or adventure projects that helps them grow as a leader whilst helping others, has now supported 50 young people over the last 5 years, on projects in over 25 different countries.

AND, In our 10th year of operation, we have just launched our second fund, the Community Leaders Fund, which provides grants to support Norfolk based chairty CEO's grow as leaders, so they produce a leveraged benefit for themselves, their organisation and community. The first Community Leaders Fund grant has been allocated, and we hope to support more leaders of smaller chairites which struggle to allocate money to their own development.

nelsonspirit bear
nelsonspirit bear
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