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Nelsonspirit February Meeting

05 Feb 2016

Many thanks to Norwich Cathedral for hosting our first nelsonspirit peer mentoring 'crew' session of the year! The meeting, in the Weston room, was a great way to kick off what is set to be an exciting year for nelsonspirit, with the Trafalgar Dinner, the continued growth of the Future Leaders Fund and meetings in exciting new locations across Norfolk to look forward to.

We also thank our business members who have stepped forward to sponsor one of our charity members this year. We believe one of the best ways to support a charity is to support the development of the leader of that charity. We look forward to further 'close engagement' between our charity and business members over the next year.

Click here for more information about our peer mentoring 'crew'
<font color= '#000000'>Spire Solicitors sponsor Nelson's Journey</font>
Spire Solicitors sponsor Nelson's Journey
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