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Why Home First?

03 Dec 2019

Alison is a 2019 Home First Intern, who is currently working in the Nelsonspirit Office. Here are some of her reflections on the experience so far.
“I grew up in London and moved to Norfolk at 18 to study at UEA. I quickly grew to love the City of Norwich and by the time I graduated I knew that I wanted to stay. I was concerned that in order to secure great work as a new graduate, I might have had to move to somewhere like London or further afield. When I came across Home First, I was delighted by the opportunity to work in a sophisticated role which provided an amazing chance to grow and gain experience within a Norfolk business and alongside a network of high-performing leaders from other Norfolk enterprises.

My role has been in the Nelsonspirit Office, acting as the Business Manager and Executive Assistant to the Chairman. I have taken on a range of responsibilities such as business operations, updating the website and managing social media feeds, marketing, managing grant funds and carrying out research and analysis (amongst other things!). This experience has grown my skills, as well as my confidence, and provided a supportive space for me to explore my aspirations and make a substantive step closer towards them.

One of the highlights has been attending Nelsonspirit crew meetings, where a group of 50 CEOs and MDs from Norfolk business, charity and public service meet together to provide peer support and discuss contemporary leadership issues. I have found this group to be full of inspiring leaders who have been generous with their time and advice, and I have built an amazing network of contacts. With a personal aspiration to work in the charity sector, I have had unparalleled access to leaders working in this field, who have also supported and equipped me with a wealth of knowledge and practical advice.”

We are now welcoming applications for Home First 2020. For more information on the programme and how to apply, visit

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