Can I join?

Membership is open to any Norfolk Leader, who feels they are able to sign up to our beliefs, and is prepared to make the commitment to engage with their peers.

As a guide, for our purposes, a Norfolk leader is the senior person in your enterprise and has at least 5 people reporting to them. Members come from all business and education backgrounds and include charities and not for profit enterprises as well as professional firms, manufacturing, services and retail. As a guide for size, enterprises tend to be £200k up to tens of millions in turnover, some will be owner-manager-led and some leaders will lead boards with external funding.

We invite potential members to one of our meetings free of charge for both sides to see if it is for them. Fees are paid annually, and we require a one year commitment, but we find many members stay for many years.

For further information or to explore:
Inspired by the spirit of Horatio Nelson, we support, encourage and develop the leaders of today and the leaders of tomorrow.
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