What we do.

We are a community social impact business. Our social aim is to improve the quality of leadership in the county of Norfolk.

The Norfolk Leaders Crew
The Norfolk Leaders Crew is a modern-day "band of brothers" (and sisters). We bring together, 11 times year, some of Norfolk's leading businesses and charities so that the leaders can learn from, and get support and inspiration from each other. We are independent, and in the last 10 years have engaged over 100 business and charity leaders, currently have over 50 active crew members, and are growing. Crew members are typically MDs and CEOs, who attend 9 of the 11 meetings per year. We are open to all people who share our beliefs, and membership is by invitation and subscription.

The crew is self-funding, crew members pay a membership fee. Some members are supported by the Nelsonspirit Community Leaders Fund, a trust fund specifically designed to support small charities who want to develop their leadership by participation in the crew.

Leadership Mentoring
Nigel offers personal mentoring for leaders, specialising in mentoring senior leaders, Chief Executives, Managing Directors and Chairs. Bringing trust, experience and independence, Nigel has a non-directive, mentee-led approach, where the emphasis is on intellectual challenge and emotional support leader to performance improvement.

Leadership Speaking
Nigel is an experienced speaker on Leadership. He has spoken on conference platforms in the UK and internationally, as well as to small groups, at dinners, in schools and in companies. He is currently speaking on the topic of his new book ACTION STATIONS! A field manual on stress for high performers and leaders.

Leaders “On Board”
"On board" is a way to strengthen your board, with a focus on the top 3 board responsibilities of Leadership and Strategy, Governance and Risk, Performance Management.

Young People
We support the leadership development of young people. Through the Future Leaders Fund, young people can apply for grants towards community or adventure projects that help them grow as leaders whilst helping others. In the past 4 years we have supported over 50 young people on projects to over 25 different countries.

Through the Home First programme, we provide internship opportunities for graduates and school leavers
to gain experience and grow in leadership by working in one of the 50 successful business/charity leaders that form the Nelsonspirit crew.
Inspired by the spirit of Horatio Nelson, we support, encourage and develop the leaders of today and the leaders of tomorrow
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